Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy Services
for Adults and Children

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Facilitation of normal movement

Neurological Physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled to analyse normal human movement and resultant sub-optimal movement following a neurological insult or injury.

The therapists at The Neuro Physio Service are skilled in the analysis and handling of sub-optimal movement to facilitate normal movement during functional tasks.

Occasionally we are asked if we are "Bobath trained". The Bobath concept underpins the training that neurological Physiotherapists receive in the UK and all of our Physiotherapists have varying levels of Bobath training. It is also important to understand that the Bobath concept is one tool in the therapists tool-box as we also have skills and experience in many other treatment modalities too.

As humans, we strive to be functional and participate in tasks. The therapists from The Neuro Physio Service will use many approaches and "tools" to enable individuals to be as functional as possible whilst working towards meaningful goals.