Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy Services
for Adults and Children

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Postural Management principles and specialist wheelchair or armchair advice

The Neuro Physio Service understand that supportive wheelchairs, armchairs and sleep-systems are important for maintaining and improving comfort.

With some adults and children who are living with a neurological condition, their own muscles may not be providing the support required for movement and functioning. It may be that a wheelchair or armchair that "tilts" is appropriate to provide the support that's required to facilitate an improved posture and allow functional movement.

Sometimes if adults or children require a supportive tilting chair, they also may require postural support when they lie in a bed to ensure they lie in an optimal posture.

There is a confusing array of wheelchairs, armchairs and sleep-systems available to clients therefore our skilled clinicians can assess the posture of each individual and suggest the most appropriate supportive piece of equipment.