Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy Services
for Adults and Children

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Splinting / Casting

Occasionally, adults and children who experience a neurological impairment or injury are advised that they require a "splint" or "cast". The aim of these devices is to maintain or improve muscle length by wearing them for a few hours per day.

Working along the same principles described on the Postural Management page, sometimes it is just one or two small areas that require "posture management" rather than the whole body.

The clinicians at The Neuro Physio Service have high product-knowledge regarding the splints available and therefore the most appropriate for the client.

The Neuro Physio Service have excellent relationships with manufacturers and retailers of different splints and casts, which enables us to trial and identify the optimal splint. Occasionally a bespoke made splint is required and our Physiotherapists work closely with our Occupational Therapy colleagues to fabricate a custom made splint.