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Neurological Physiotherapy

Understanding how Physiotherapists can help adults and children living with a neurological impairment can be confusing due to the complexity of the nervous system. To make our intervention as simple as possible to understand, neurological Physiotherapists must address three main components; these are Posture, Movement and Function.


We have all heard the term “good posture” which means to have the ability to either sustain or move optimally and efficiently without damage to the body.
To help Adults and Children living with a neurological condition, the neurological Physiotherapist will aim to improve the client’s posture as a matter of priority due to its importance for future movement and function.
The neurological Physiotherapist may be able to help the individual by teaching exercises and re-educating their postural control, or by recommending specialist postural management equipment, or a combination of both.


If the neurological system becomes compromised, humans will strive to move against the forces of gravity however they can.
The muscles of the body may either become weak or have increased tension. This prevents the body from moving normally. It is the skilled role of the neurological Physiotherapist to channel any movement by making it the best quality possible.
The specialists from The Neuro Physio Service will use an array of handling skills, equipment, exercise and training to encourage and channel the recovery of improved movement.


The reason why humans require optimal posture and normal movement is to be able to function.
This includes washing, dressing, mobilising, interacting and having the ability to access our communities as best possible.
The Neuro Physio Service work closely with neurological Occupational Therapists to maximise the potential for optimal physical functioning and improving quality of life.

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